Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Humanity is Doomed

I'm constantly in awe at just how much junk I get in the mail that just ends up going right into the recycle bin. It makes me wonder how it one can possibly run such a business and be profitable. I also have all kinds of thoughts about how such practices can possibly be sustainable in the long term, but that's a discussion for another day. But the package I received today (pictured above) from Digi-Key containing a single rotary encoder (resting on top of a quarter, resting on top of the box it came in, resting on top of the packaging the encoder was wrapped in) takes top prize for wasteful mail delivery. I expected the component to be shipped in an envelope. I guess when they charge $2 for shipping they're going to make sure it costs them no less than $2 to ship the part.

Then of course stuffed in the box is a note telling me how committed Digi-Key is to the environment. Sigh...


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