Monday, December 15, 2008

They Finally Came!

Almost two years ago, I received a pamphlet offering to send me a book on the scriptural and scientific justifications for geocentricity. As I'm not one to pass up a free thing, I filled it out and returned it. After the six to eight week lead time came and went without me receiving anything in the mail, I feared I'd never receive the book. By the time I had moved, the idea of receiving geocentric literature had completely fallen off my RADAR screen.

But today I'm happy to report that my copy of A Geocentricity Primer has finally come in the mail. With it are two other shorter works (more like essays really): The Lesser Light and He Maketh His Sun to Rise: A Look at Biblical Geocentricity. You may or may not hear more on the subject as I read the books. On the one hand I feel compelled to say something about the books once I'm done reading them; on the other hand I'm not a physicist, astronomer, or Biblical scholar and therefore feel unqualified to comment on the subject matter.

OK, I will make one general comment before I start reading the book. From quickly flipping through the pages it seems like at least part of the book makes an argument along the lines of the Bible is always true, the Bible says geocentrism is true, therefore geocentrism is true. The other part of it consists of what is supposed to be a scientific justification for geocentrism. It'll be interesting to see how much of the argument is based on theology and how much of it is based on science.


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