Sunday, May 04, 2008

What Every New Homeowner Loves to Experience

Man Fatally Shot in Oceanside.

This happened a few houses down from mine. I heard the gunshots while reading about COM (which I dislike less now that I understand it better, though I still don't like that centralized component registration is mandatory) and a couple minutes later heard the sirens. I'll give credit where it's due: emergency services responded quickly. It was only a couple minutes between the gunshots and the sirens. I guess quite a few people in the neighborhood knew the victim, so it's shaken things up a bit around here.

As someone who likes being able to walk around at night without worrying about getting shot, I'll be following this story closely. I've not felt as if my life was in danger in the past, and I'm told it's been a long time since anything like this has happened here; so I should be able continue not fearing for my life. Living in fear of your own neighborhood's no way to go through life.

I'm actually more concerned about property values than my safety. I don't know how much a nearby shooting drops the value of a house, but it certainly doesn't make it more desirable. Even if I wanted to sell the place, I'd probably need to wait a couple years before being able to get full market value for it.


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