Thursday, February 28, 2008

It's Good to Own Land

So now that my house has closed escrow and I'm somewhat moved in, I have to say that it's going to be a long time before I buy another one. They're expensive, I hate moving, and the process of buying a house is a bit of a pain in the ass. Those who've been though it know what it's like; nothing will happen for a week until a bunch of things happen which require immediate attention. Then it's another week until something else happens. It's enough to make me wonder just what the hell all these people involved actually do that takes a month? And for that matter, why did I have to pay the escrow company a $75 email fee? Were the electrons they used premium grade or something?

But it's all done, and I suppose all told the process went fairly smoothly. Not that I can complain about much; I got a nice house for a good price and a mortgage with the lowest interest rate my loan officer had seen in 20 years. I won't give concrete numbers here (though I don't mind sharing them though a more private medium), but I will say that my mortgage payment is not much more than what I was paying in rent for an apartment 550 square feet smaller than my house. Factoring in the large tax deductions available to home-owners, it'll be a lot cheaper than renting. And not having to worry about guest parking spaces, having the freedom to do to the property as I see fit, and having a yard to walk around on, you just can't put a price on those things. Given all this, I would have been a fool to not buy a house.

So now the fun begins: the unpacking, the painting, and the fixing. And because it's easier to paint when there's not a bunch of stuff in the room, I'm sleeping in one of my spare bedrooms; and most of my bedroom furniture is sitting in the living room. It's a lot of work which my coworkers have reminded me I have years and years to finish. But of course most things worth doing take time.


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