Monday, January 14, 2008

Xanadu: My New (FSM and Dionysus Willing) Home

I've been asked to put up pictures of houses I really like. That's easy, because If everything goes smoothly I'm going to own the first house I looked at, and I was meticulous in taking pictures of it. And those places I didn't take pictures (like the front of the house; how could I forget to do that?) are covered by the selling agent's pictures

I was actually surprised the bank accepted my offer. I thought the list price was too low for how nice the house was. I'd seen many pictures of houses in this price range, and they either were in serious need of work, were small, or were in shady neighborhoods. This was the only house I saw that blew me away. I looked at it on Saturday and submitted my offer on Monday. That same day, I was asked to submit my best offer since there were already three or four other offers. I was sure I wasn't going to get it. Surely these other people had more funds at their disposal than I. And even if they didn't, surely the bank would realize they under priced the house, reject all the offers, and increase the list price. After all, they'd only listed the house 4 days prior. But I got the call today that the bank accepted my second offer. My days of being a slave to the landlord will soon be over. Long live the days of being a slave to the bank!

Just a brief word on how this all works. First you (presumably) look at a house. Then you make an offer on the property. There may or may not be some back-and-forth with the seller, possibly making counter-offers to get more money or change terms. Once that ends you have acceptance of the offer, at which point you have a certain number of days to give the down-payment to the seller as well as provide evidence of pre-approval of a mortgage for the purchase price. Then you have to inspect the house, have it appraised, and do all the escrow-type stuff I'm not overly familiar with. Once that ends you get the keys and can move in.

So, pictures...

I think the patio could stand to be redone. It's hard to tell, but it looks a bit old and leaky. I like the double doors, though. This picture was also taken by the selling agent.

I call the house Xanadu in part because of the backyard. This is a picture of it. That thing in the middle that looks like stairs: that's a fucking fountain. There's a fountain in the backyard. What am I going to do with a fountain in my backyard? Whatever I want to, because it'll be mine. Some co-workers/drinking buddies suggested filling it with beer.

As I was reminded today, I shall need to buy a lawnmower. Fortunately, I have a shed in which to put one. To be honest, it's in bad shape, looks like water seeps in, and the door's hard to open. A low-priority thing to do will be to tear it down and replace it with a TUFF SHED or similar.

On the upside, the kitchen's newly remodeled. On the downside, I need to buy a refrigerator, a stove, and knobs for all the cabinet doors. The house was at the tail end of what looks to be a total remodel, so there's a few things missing here and there (like lights, runners around the walls, etc...).

It's got a pretty nice living room. Now I personally am not a fan of tile floors, preferring carpet everywhere except in the kitchen and bathroom. I'll probably end up putting down a rug or something if I don't have carpet put in (which I don't really want to do yet since the tile is all new and nice-looking).

There's two bathrooms; this is the master bath. It was also remodeled. I like the jacuzzi bathtub, though I doubt I'll use it as such. I don't think they yet put in a shower head, though presumably that's an easy thing to do. As near as my dad and I can figure, that recessed area at the top of the tile-work is a place to install a TV.

There's three bedrooms which all pretty much look alike. This happens to be the master bedroom. One thing I like is the lighting fixtures. I don't know if it's a recent thing or something just specific to apartments or condos, but the newer condos I've looked at, as well as the apartments I've lived in, don't have lighting fixtures. This is the only place I've looked at that had lighting fixtures in the bedrooms. I'll need to raise that fan, though, since I hit my head on it.

All told, this is going to be a hectic week and month. Plus the real estate world deals in calendar days, not business days, so it's even a shorter amount of time. Of course banks still deal in business days, so there's going to be some maneuvering involved to make sure deadlines are met.


Blogger Luke said...

Wow, Aaron I am impressed. Congratulations is in order. The kitchen and bathroom are very impressive in particular, I love the tile in the bathroom in particular. And yeah, you'll have to do something awesome with that fountain in the backyard--it's crying for your creativity! Is it close to where you're living now?

1/26/2008 8:42 AM  
Blogger BrandonBN said...

Hey Aaron,

Nice place. I like the kitchen of all places. Anyways, make sure everything is in proper order.


1/26/2008 12:39 PM  
Anonymous Will said...

Wow...I'm very impressed. Congratulations! As you mentioned, since Luke and I are morally obligated to come visit this place, hopefully we will be fulfuilling that obligation soon. ;-)

2/09/2008 7:08 PM  

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