Sunday, July 01, 2007

Yukon, Ho!

Glacier off Side

This past week I went on an Alaskan cruise with my family. We flew up to Vancouver, sailed up to Juneau, sailed further up to Skagway, back down to Ketchikan, then ended up back in Vancouver. Not strictly the Yukon, but I spent a couple hours there. It was surprisingly warm during the trip; I'd packed a pretty heavy coat thinking it might be cold enough to use it only to discover I was able to get away with wearing just a T-shirt and the occasional light jacket the whole trip.

When it wasn't cloudy/rainy (it was overcast and rainy in Juneau), it was quite beautiful up there. I saw some of the bluest skies I've ever seen, and there were trees everywhere. As someone whose spent the vast majority of his life in what amounts to desert, this is always a surprising and welcome thing to see. What I consider the best of the 1200 or so pictures I took are on my Flickr page.

As expected, the TSA experience was annoying. As someone who has no plans to blow up a plane, I don't appreciate being treated like someone who does. Nor does it make much sense that we're supposed to throw large containers of liquids, which we're told are potentially explosives, into an even larger trash container to be treated the same as a half-eaten sandwich. Seems like items which could be explosive should be treated like explosives, which implies HAZMAT teams and/or bomb squads.

Though to their credit, the TSA was much better than the Canadian equivalent. In Canada, I got patted down, had to turn on my laptop, it was swabbed for explosives, my camera was thrown around a bit, I don't remember how many times they waved the wand around me, etc... I got to keep my shoes on, so that was a slight advantage over the TSA. I'd hoped our neighbors to the North were a bit saner with regards to airport security, but alas.

Back to work tomorrow! Now I get to do all the work I couldn't do last week!


Blogger Luke said...

Looks beautiful. I heard the Alaskan cruise is pretty much the best you can go on in terms of what you get to sightsee.

Nice pics too. My favorite would be the river running through the valley towards the mountains.

7/02/2007 8:14 AM  

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