Friday, July 06, 2007

John Safran vs. God

If you haven't checked out John Safran vs. God (and as it was only broadcast in Australia, I'm sure you haven't), I highly encourage you to do so. As the link explains (as if you clicked on it), the show follows Australian filmmaker John Safran as he explores/experiences various religions and their ceremonies. Amongst other things, he spends time in a Zen Buddhist temple, visits several Hindu gurus in an attempt to discover the meaning of life, participates in a Haitian Voodoo goat sacrifice, and is exorcised by a Protestant minister.

My favorite bits from the series:

  • Safran's rant against Atheists: There are many people who are smart enough to understand how the Big Bang happened, but you're not one of them... If I came to your door, you'd be unable to come up with an answer for why the Big Bang is any more rational than the story in Genesis... You're too stupid to be an Atheist.
  • Dresses up as a Mormon missionary, going door to door in Salt Lake City attempting to convert people to atheism. He is not well-received.
  • Confesses to a Catholic priest that he stole the church's TV remote batteries and masturbated in the church's bed during a previous stay.
  • Has a fatwa placed on a colleague after he bumped Safran from his television show.
  • Attempts to join the Ku Klux Klan as an anti-Semitic Jew and is refused membership.
  • With the aid of an Australian mathematician using text analysis methods described in The Bible Code, discovers not only that the September 11 attacks are predicted in Vanilla Ice's lyrics, but also that the 9/11 Commission Report predicted the fall of Vanilla Ice's career.
  • A critic of the Mormon religion says, almost verbatim, Mormons wear special underpants that they don't like to talk about... Ask any Mormon, let me see your underpants and they won't show them to you.. I was waiting for Safran to make the obvious request to see this guy's non-Mormon underpants, but alas.

YouTube has a bunch of clips of the show, and a decent-quality copy of the series is available on The Pirate Bay. Sadly the series DVD is only available in Australia or I would order it.


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