Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Saying What I Mean

Our weekly dev meetings at work are always amusing and entertaining. When you have 10 people with quirky senses of humor all in a room together, amusing things happen. And not all are intentional.

During this week's meeting, I was asked how I learned of the internship I so long ago applied for and got. I told them that I was forwarded the link to the CTO's blog where he put out a call for resumes for the position. My plan afterward was to comment about the awesome worldwide community that is the Internet.

I know I'm not saying anything new here, but the community made possible by the Internet truly is an amazing thing. It's turned our big world into something more like a small town. What other than the Internet would allow me to better keep in contact with friends who live 300 miles away than with one who lives in 30 miles away? How else would I, a simple college student living in San Luis Obispo, have learned about an opening in a small company in San Diego? And what other communication medium would allow me to learn about this cat's predilection for dancing?

And just how did I express this observation during our dev meeting?

The Internet's like a giant web.

Insightful, aren't I?


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