Tuesday, February 06, 2007

My Attempt At Humor

As some of you are aware, Death To The Extremest finished its seven-year run the first of this year, much to my dismay. It was a very strange comic, much different than the other web comics I read regularly. However, M. Zole did a very cool thing, he released the template for the comic under a Creative Commons license. Those of you who read the comic probably are wondering what the big deal is, since One and Two would be so easy to draw. You're right, it would be easy to make something look pretty close to the original. But this isn't close to the original; this is the real deal: two's precise gradient, the same font and font size used for the dialog, and the same panel size and spacing. In short, reader Death To The Extremist strips will look identical to the real thing.

Obviously I've tried my hand at a Death To The Extremist comic strip. I doubt it's any good, but someone might like it. More importantly, it signifies that I was bored this evening, and that's something I haven't been in quite some time. And since the terms of use require it, this is a derivative work of a comic originally created by M. Zole, and I'm not trying to make money on it (not that anyone would pay me for it even if I wanted them to).


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