Saturday, January 20, 2007

My Life On My Sleeve

Twice in as many days, complete strangers have guessed me a software engineer. The first time was yesterday at Green Flash as I was getting my growler filled. As I recall, the exact term the guy -- himself a software engineer -- used was software weenie. And today as I was conversating with the cashier at Trader Joe's, he told me he thought me a software engineer.

My working hypothesis, given this data and the data collected from my experiences with the Farmer's Market evangelists, is that I eat like an atheist and drink like a software engineer. I was buying alcohol both times I was pegged an engineer and eating dinner every time the evangelists bothered me at Farmer's. But how does one eat in such a way as to proclaim a lack of belief in god? How does one drink like an engineer? Do I also drink like an atheist and eat like a software engineer?


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