Sunday, July 09, 2006

Fresh Dose of Art

I visited MoPA today as it's been a year since I went last. Some thoughts:

I wonder how long my Cal Poly student ID will get me the student discount on things. My guess is as long as I look like a student. Probably'll require some fast talking once I reach age 25ish, which means I have a touch over 3 years to come up with a story that'll get me the discount.

I am constantly amazed at how good an eye for composition some people have. Not only that, but the ability for photographers to evoke emotion though their's humbling. My pathetic attempts don't even compare to utter perfection like this and these (number 10 in particular). Someday maybe one tenth that good, but not even close yet.

One of the exhibits showcased some of the first 35mm photos ever taken and discussed the significance of 35mm film. Prior to that, photos were taken with bulky cameras that used slow, large negatives. 35mm was portable, freeing photographers from the bulk and allowing them to more easily capture events as they occurred. I think digital photography's going to be seen as a step up as big as the one to 35mm film was. 35mm, though great for capturing moments as they occur, still requires the film to be developed before the images can be seen by the world. Such a delay does not exist in digital photography, as photos can be published as quickly as the photographer can get to a computer with an Internet connection (an easier proposition than finding a photo lab, especially for a professional photographer). I look forward to someday seeing a Shooting in Digital: The First Digital Photographs exhibit.

I think the reason I don't appreciate painting is because I don't paint. Because I don't paint or draw, I don't know the skill involved in the works created by the great painters, nor do I know how to differentiate that skill from that of mediocre painters. With very few exceptions, all paintings look the same to me. On the other hand, I take pictures and know the limitations of the medium. I know how hard it is to compose a shot and properly expose it while trying to keep the subject from moving and ruining the composition. And because I know the limitations and difficulty involved, I can tell and appreciate when someone succeeds.

OK, enough rambling from me. Back to world of programmatic art tomorrow.


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