Saturday, June 03, 2006

Party of June, Part 2

Some of you may remember last year's end of the year celebration, affectionately called The Party of June in tribute to George Costanza'a Summer of George. This party is likely the drunkest I've ever been and ever will be. This year's party didn't compare, but I still ended up drinking too much.

I stayed up most of the night making a poster about covert channels through the Time to Live field in IP packet headers so didn't get much sleep. Plus I had to wake up early to finish the poster in the lab because I don't have a printer. As a result, I didn't get much sleep. So after I turned in my Senior Project and ate dinner, I came home with the intention of listening to music, reading The 9/11 Commission Report, and getting some sleep.

Just before I started reading, Jerry comes home with Smart Ben, Asian Ben, Richard, and Coke, telling me of plans to drink and watch movies. I agreed to go but was not going to drink much because I'm tired.

We started the evening by watching Waiting, a movie about waiters more depraved than I ever could be. I drank a bottle of champagne during this movie. I was feeling good, and all was well.

Then we started watching Just Friends. I have nothing against chick flicks, but I do have something against cheesy films, and this was a cheesy film. I drank a second bottle of champagne and lamented an answer I gave to drunk sluts a couple months ago who I'm pretty sure wanted to sleep with Jerry and I (Jerry and I were going to Cork 'n Bottle, two drunk girls asked what us two cuties were doing, and I said drinking heavily instead of you). The movie started getting quite cheesy and I was out of champagne, so I switched to gin. At that point, all was lost.

I don't remember the end of the movie, though I can guess what happens. After the movie, Jerry, Richard, and I went out to get donuts. I remember ordering and eating donuts, my last memories of the evening. Everything else was from what Jerry said happened.

After eating donuts, we went to Mustang Village's picnic area to burn our posters. At this point, I found a picnic table and passed out. Jerry and Richard kept poking me to make sure I was alive and forced me up when they had finished burning the posters. So I stood up, took two steps, and face planted into some gravel, getting a nice scrape on my face in the process. After my fall, I rolled under the picnic table. Jerry and Richard eventually got me out from under the table, and we walked home.

When we got home, I was apparently doing ok. I was able to walk to my room and threw my glasses. In the process of going to bed, I fell down twice. But I got to bed, and woke up this morning not remembering going to bed.


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