Sunday, May 28, 2006

Basking in the Light

And I'm back with yet another exciting yet boring screenshot. Goddamn, you may be saying. I'm sick of these fucking screenshots of email. And I'd agree with you there; it's really boring to stare at a mail client all day debugging the mail server. But these screenshots are what I'm currently living for.

What's special about this one? you ask. This is a screenshot of Thunderbird's search dialog. As you can see, this particular search dialog is searching emails stored in Aarmap. Email search, as you recall, was the last thing I needed to get working. It works. Meaning that with 5 days to go in the quarter, I have a feature-complete implementation of my senior project. This combined with me being done with my security project means I am two demos, some proofreading, and a poster away from completing the coursework required for a Computer Science degree. The next couple days will likely be spent doing these three things, with an emphasis on making sure the demos will go smoothly (read: see what I can get away with doing without causing things to crash). I just might get some sleep this week.


I demoed both my security project (a covert channel through the Time to Live field in an IP packet header) and Aarmap to my security professor/senior project advisor. Both demos went without a hitch, working properly. I was actually a lot rougher with Aarmap than I usually am since things were going slowly (Dominique's not a particularly fast machine). But it handled everything flawlessly, and my advisor seemed impressed. So now I'm down to proofreading/finalizing the writeup and doing the security poster.


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