Thursday, December 22, 2005


So I've been on vacation the past few days. Went down to San Diego with the family, caught the Lion King play down at the Civic Center, and in general kicked it down in SD. The play was excellent; it had a lot of colorful African imagery, the costumes were amazingly well done, and it was well-acted. Truly I love that city.

Yesterday, we headed up to LA to visit the Getty Center. Now, I'm fond of saying that LA has no redeeming qualities whatsoever. I'm not above admitting a mistake. The Getty is LA's one redeeming quality. My god, that place is amazing. It's a huge stone structure well designed and built that has the most amazing art collection I've ever seen. It's still hard to believe that some of the sculptures and paintings they hare are 500-1500 years old. They look new. Truly one of the most exciting (and depressing) aspects of art is the fact that it transcends time. At least that's how I see it, which is probably why photographs illicit more of an emotional response from me than paintings. A snapshot takes about 1/250th of a second in time and freezes it. Forever it sits on the negative and the photo paper, an event occurred. People grow old and die, but their youthful image remains on film. But I digress. To me, the most interesting aspect of the architecture was the modularity of the design. Everything was built using a standard 34 cubic inch stone, which allowed for very precise placement of landscaping. I think I took about 4 rolls worth of pictures (96 for those who can't do math). I was trying to beat Catherine's record of 106 in one day (and had promised that I'd take a lot of pictures when I told her I was going), but failed. The sun shouldn't set until I tell it to, goddammit.

So that was my vacation, or at least the highlights of it. Not as exciting as going to Mexico like we've done in years past, but enjoyable nonetheless (and a hell of a lot cheaper).


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