Thursday, September 15, 2005

Going Out With A Bang

As of yesterday at 8:30 pm, I no longer work for Aperio. I left just as I started: with a quarter pound cheeseburger at George's. Apparently it's a tradition for one's boss to take a new employee to lunch on their first day, and for one's coworkers and boss to take a leaving employee to lunch on their last. However, since more people could make the lunch on Tuesday, we had it then instead of yesterday, which was my last day. Anyways, about 8 or so of my coworkers joined in on the lunch. I got toasted by Ole, which felt kind of weird since I don't think I'd ever been toasted before.

The first 8 or so hours of yesterday were fairly relaxed. I did a final cleanup of the code, removing all the unused functions that I could to make things easier on the dev who's taking over maintenance of the Console. At around 6, I tried committing my changes to our code repository, but the server was down. So I stood around and waited for the server to come back up (which took longer than it should have for some reason). While I was waiting, one of my coworkers found 2 pretty serious bugs in my program. Of course one of these had to be a time-consuming one thanks to .Net and/or Windows' stupid context menu behavior. So about 2 hours later, I had fixes for these bugs committed to the now-running repository server. I said my final goodbye to my boss (who was the only other person there), and off I went. Although it may not be a finaly goodbye. I've been told by my boss and others that they'd love to have me work there after I graduate. Given how much I enjoyed working there this summer (and given how much I've fallen in love with this area), I just might take them up on that offer.

As promised, I took some before and after screenshots of the application I worked on this summer. Judge for yourself which one you like better. As for me, I like after. Click on the images to show full screen ones.




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