Saturday, August 20, 2005

Battlestar Galactica

I just finished watching season 1 of the new Battlestar Galactica series. I recommend watching it if you haven't already. It definitely follows along the same lines of Firefly as a drama that happens to take place in space (and if you haven't seen Firefly, stop what you're doing right now and rent it). Also like Firefly, the story focuses on the characters and the interactions between them instead of the technology. I didn't quite like it as much as Firefly, but it was still good. I was surprised that religion played a fairly large part in the subplot of the story, as most sci fi that I've seen doesn't really have any stronly religious characters. However, there were some fairly strong religious overtones in the show. The cylons, especially Number 6, did a lot of preaching in a couple of the episodes about how we needed to accept god's love and all that jazz. I definitely shared the sentiments of Gaius (one of the characters who was preached at all the timee), when he told Number 6 he was bored to death of all her talk about god. Seriously, there were some scenes that could have been shown in church as part of a sermon. However, if you can look past that and/or ignore it, it's an entertaining show. I plan to watch season 2 as soon as I can find it.


Blogger staticfoo said...

A candidate for netflix?

8/22/2005 11:38 PM  
Blogger Aaron *@ said...

It would be if I didn't have high def tv rips of it sitting on my fileserver.

8/23/2005 9:08 PM  

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