Saturday, July 09, 2005

Yet Another First

So today, for the first time in my memory, I had the pleasure (and I use that term loosely) of being greeted by a couple door-to-door evangelists. It's kind of surprising that this was the first time I was ever visited by them. After all, I live just a stone's throw from the Mormon Institute of Religion in SLO; and I've seen Mormon missionaries walk around the complex on several occasions. Unfortunately, the evangelists decided to visit while I was sleeping. This I did not appreciate, nor did I appreciate them knocking after they rang the doorbell, making me think the person at the door had urgent business. I know whenever I sold candy bars door to door when I was younger, I made it a rule to ring the bell once and not knock. But they left quickly enough. I guess my morning fro and pajamas indicated that I wasn't in the mood to get into a deep philosophical debate over the natures of god and man.

I've never understood why people go door to door in an attempt to convert people to a religion. Nor does anyone I know. I can't imagine it works very well. Most people are fairly set in their ways, and the stigma surrounding door-to-door salespeople is not a good one. Plus, it puts a severe dent in the evangelists' argument that god is good, just, and loves you when his followers are waking you up from a sound sleep.


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