Saturday, July 16, 2005

Company Picnic

Ah, the company picnic. A time to get together with co-workers outside the office, mingle with them, and make a drunken ass of yourself in their presence, thereby causing them to lose all respect for you that they may have had. Well, the last one didn't happen, at least not in my presence. I couldn't drink too much because I had to drive home. Plus the only beer they had was Budweiser and Bud Light. God damn is that shit watery. How it qualifies as beer is beyond me. Thinking about the fact that people enjoy it makes my head hurt.

The picnic was at the beautiful Stagecoach Park in nearby Carlsbad. It looks like a typical park, but there's a very small rocky stream that runs through the middle. It makes the park look more aesthetically pleasing, but it seems out of place and a little inconvenient for there to be a stream in the middle of a park. We had some delicious hamburgers, desserts, and beans that were provided by some of the employees. Unfortunately, I ate too many snacks before they started cooking, so I wasn't very hungry when it came time to eat the burgers and desserts. There was mingling abound. I met some of the people in sales that I hadn't met before was able to meet a lot of the families of my co-workers. Hell, all the families of my co-workers. I think there's one person other than myself that works at Aperio who's single. But it's all good; I still had a good time. When the picnic died out at about 4:30, I headed back to my place and took a little swim. It's been kind of warm lately, so cooling off in the pool was very welcome.


Blogger Luke said...

well at least you didn't puke on your boss.

7/20/2005 11:26 AM  

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