Friday, June 03, 2005

This quarter's like a roller coster; I don't wanna ride

Today marks the end of the spring quarter. As we speak, I have only one more class I must attend, after which point I'm free. Well, as free as one can be when one has to study for a final on Tuesday, two on Thursday, and one on Friday. And it came here just in time as I don't think I would have been able to handle any more of the ups and downs this quarter offered. Seriously, This quarter has been a huge fucking roller coaster, and I'm glad the ride is over.

This last peak/valley combination was perhaps the fastest one yet. Yesterday I got an email from Dr. Franklin accusing me of cheating on something. Now I didn't cheat, nor have I really discussed much of the class with anyone at all, so I knew that it would get resolved rather quickly. So my lab partner and I go to her office, and she asks us why our README file from the lab we just turned in looks identical to one submitted last year. I reply It's a README. (for those who don't know, a README gives information about a program. Mine are usually about 5 lines long and rarely consist of more than 20 words). It turns out she got our README confused with someone else's, which makes me feel kind of bad for whoever turned in that README. They'll probably end up failing the class for cheating on the most unimportant part of the assignment. I mean, all you have to do in the README is put your name and the name of your lab partner. No creativity or thought at all is required to do this. But I digress. Everything's fine, and we're all golden. We get to lab about 5 minutes later, only to find out that we won some award on the lab we just got accused of cheating on. Specifically, we won the Most Useful General-Purpose Instruction award. As a prize, i got a pocket screwdriver set. Huzzah for non-monetary awards.


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