Saturday, June 11, 2005

It Finally Works

So after dealing with my stupid goddamn wireless network card for about a month and a half, I finally purchased one that works. For those who didn't know, my wireless network card caused hard locks on my system pretty much every time I plugged it in to try and use it. I had originally thought it was Windows' fault, as Jerry tried the card in his system with no ill effects. The fact that the card worked under Linux supported this hypothesis. I knew it wasn't my laptop causing problems, as I borrowed Jerry's wireless card for quite some time with it working properly. However, the problem with hard locking resumed under Linux yesterday. This pretty much proved my hypothesis wrong, so I figured it was time to get a new wireless card. I purchased the Netgear WG511, which can be used under Linux with ndiswrapper. It was a simple matter to remove the old configuration for the old card and replace it with the new configuration for the new card. So now the new card works beautifully on my system.

I'm constantly amazed how much Linux has progressed in the two years since it last graced my laptop. So far, all the little problems that I used to have with it have disappeared. Copy/Paste now works properly, X can deal with me plugging in a USB mouse while I'm in an X session and have it work properly, and there are a lot more programs available. I made a list before I formatted my machine of programs I needed to reinstall on the system. So far, the only program that I couldn't find a replacement for was Visual Studio .Net. Everything else had either a port or an equivalent. So I'll probably end up using it as my main system, then use VMware when I need to use Windows.


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