Friday, June 24, 2005

The Great Hard Drive Crash of 2005

Keeping with what has apparently become an annual tradition, I had a hard drive failure yesterday. Ironically, it happened as my server was adding a disk to the degraded RAID I had just built. It was 78% complete. Had the failure occurred 20 minutes after it did, I wouldn't have lost any data. Unfortunately, it happened when the RAID was still degraded, so I lost everything on the RAID, which amounted to 140 gigs of stuff, mostly movies. In terms of amount of data lost, it so far has been my worst data loss yet. In terms of important data lost, it was probably been my best data loss. On the plus side, I got a new drive on rebate at Best Buy, used it to build a shiny new RAID that now holds my server's home directory, music and TV shows. And the failed drive was under warranty, so I get yet another drive for free. Apparently there's a benefit to aggressively using hard drives.


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