Saturday, June 11, 2005

Down/Up in the Valley

Ok, this is the third goddamn time I've written this post. There will not be a fourth. Stupid fucking wireless network card has to magically stop working the minute I get home and hard lock my system. But I digress...

So I'm writing this back in ol' Hanford, CA (I'd say good ol' but I'd be lying). I can always tell I'm home by the smell of cow that fills my nostrils and the Get the US out of the UN sign to the side of the 198. This officially marks the end of the Spring quarter and therefore the school year. Were I going to be in the Valley longer than 2 weeks, I might mind a little more than I do now. But I know that soon I'll be living it up in a much better climate.

As much as I bitched and moaned this past year (and there was a lot to bitch and moan about), I had fun, and I think this was probably the most enjoyable year yet. Even the oft-mentioned Spring quarter, with all its peaks and valleys, evens out to a mere meh (though that's not entirely fair as we did some really fun stuff this quarter. Unfortunately the lows were pretty down there). But yeah, lots of fun times were had with really good people; and I don't think anyone could ask for much more than that. Kudos and thanks to Catherine and Tim, who graciously shared their apartment with us pretty much the entire school year. I may have slept in my apartment, but I lived there. Congrats to Joe, who's finally graduating (may have already graduated by the time this is posted). Hopefully he'll stick around next year so we can all still get together and do shit (Though I hope his sticking around will be the productive kind, not the high school loser who drives around campus 5 years after he graduated kind).

Oh, and I suppose I went to classes and learned some stuff. I think they were mostly Computer Science classes, so I must've learned Computer Science-type stuff. I suppose that would explain why I wasn't able to dick around all the time.


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Well, you still have my wireless card, so you may as well use it...

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