Monday, June 27, 2005

And Back With The Internet

After being without Internet for the weekend, I found my cable modem in a box on my patio underneath my air conditioner. So now I get to post my update. I guess I'll start at Saturday then go from there

Saturday was spent driving. I woke up at 5:45 and got ready for the long journey. I didn't really like waking up that early, as the last time I was up at that time I was going to bed; but I dealt with it. We (parents and I) stopped briefly in SLO to pick up some stuff I accidentally left behind when we were packing out. That done, we continued south. My hatred of LA was increased as we hit traffic on the 405. Honestly, how could anyone want to live there? How do you not go insane because of the traffic? On the trip down, I saw 3 or 4 separate accidents. One of these accidents was 10 or so cars ahead of me in traffic. Insane. Eventually, we got down to Vista and to my apartment. It's really a nice place -- a fairly large one bedroom apartment that had just been painted and had its counter-tops redone. It's a hell of a lot nicer than my apartment in SLO, but then again the rent's $965 a month, so it better be (and it happens to be the cheapest apartment we could find). I even have a little patio and outside storage. We eventually got all my stuff unpacked and furnished the apartment. The apartment looks kind of barren (especially the bedroom), but it definitely feels like home.

Sunday was spent putting the finishing touches on the unpacking done on Saturday. We went food shopping and did some other shopping for cleaning supplies and such

Today was my first day. It was pretty good, except for me not having much of a clue about what's going on. I came in and did the usual paperwork, then proceeded to build the computer I'd be working on. Apparently the one I was going to be working on didn't boot at all, so Mark (my boss) and I spent about an hour trying to get the motherboard out of the computer and off the tray it was screwed on. We then tried getting the new motherboard in the case (a Dell case), then gave up on it once we decided that there was no chance of it working without spending a lot of time working on it. Mark finally decided to get another case to put the motherboard in, and I got the motherboard all situated in it. I booted the system (an Athlon 64 3200+ with 2 gigs ram) and installed all the software I needed to do my job. I went to lunch with Mark while VS.NET installed. We went to George's, which Ole dubbed "Aperio's cafeteria". It's kind of a burger place that has a pretty good selection of food. I ordered a cheeseburger, which was pretty good. We talked for a bit, mostly job-related, then went back to the office. I finished getting my computer set up and started familiarizing myself with the program I'll be working on over the summer. As I found the documentation and help somewhat lacking on this piece of software, I was tasked at the end of the day to clean up and update the help document. So at least I have something to do tomorrow.


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