Sunday, May 22, 2005

Ow...My Pride

Thanks go to Jerry for the title idea. Since 3 people have asked already, and I'm quickly growing tired of giving this update to everyone I know individually, I'll just get on with it here. Yes, I had my interview with Aperio on Saturday. I think it went fairly well. They showed me around their office, demoed their scopes to me, gave me an overview of the software behind the scopes, and asked me some questions. Though most of it was them talking to me about their company, I did talk about some of the stuff I had done. No programming type questions like sort the array, which is good since I don't like doing that kind of stuff under pressure. I guess they figured that I knew how to do that already. I wish that was a more common assumption. I was fairly impressed by what they told me about the software they use to run the scopes. Seems fairly well designed. Demoed my 435 app as the example of GUI work which I had done in C#, which fortunately didn't crash and burn horribly. They seemed impressed by it.

And of course no trip through LA could be complete without the rear-ending on the 405. That's right, I ended up rear-ending some guy on the 405 on the way down there. No one was injured, and it somehow didn't snowball into some huge pileup (only 4 cars including mine were involved). My truck runs just fine, with the exception of the dent in the bottom of the bumper. I continued driving it to San Diego without incident. I'm told by just about everyone I've told this to that I should be thankful that no one got hurt or died, though I don't find that particularly reassuring. I'd rather not go into a lot of detail here, as I know for a fact there's 3 people on this earth who would be extremely interested in what I had to say regarding the accident; and I'd rather not give them anything to use against me as the situation isn't resolved yet. If you want to know more, ask me in person and I'll give you an earfull. But at least everyone who reads this no longer has to ask Was anyone hurt? and Is your truck ok? and How did your interview go? As a recap, just my pride, kinda, and fairly well.

So, yeah, my weekend was ruined before it even began. And I still have to finish OS and Algorithms. This quarter has turned into a fucking trainwreck. I want it to end once I get everything done.

One more thing. I at least tried to enjoy the weekend, and ended up looking around UCSD just for the hell of it. It's a big campus, like all UC's are, though it didn't really impress me all that much (except the huge fucking library (Seriously, click on that link; it's a beautiful and big building). One thing that caught my attention was this.


UCSD has a Tenaya dorm. Much bigger than the one here (there are at least another 2 stories under the picture), but still a Tenaya dorm. Do all state-owned universities conspire to have everything named similarly, or do they just lack imagination?


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