Wednesday, May 11, 2005

One At Every College

If not one, at least one. There seems every year to be someone who comes to campus, condemning everyone to hell. This usually results in large crowds of people, half of whom mock the person with the sign (I heard, but didn't see, that someone in the crowd had a This Guy is an Idiot sign), half of whom side with the guy with the sign. Perhaps this ratio is different; I don't know. As Forrest mentioned, he condemned all the people having more fun than himself to hell. And according to a friend of mine who was selling Cal Poly ties at the UU while this was all happening, this guy hated on Mormons more than any other group appearing on his sign. Here's a picture of the goings on. Unfortunately I didn't get a good picture of the stuff on the sign, but you get the idea.

sign guy

The one I don't understand is the Computer Geeks entry. Now, granted, I haven't read every single verse of the Bible; but I'm pretty sure that had the concept of computing existed back when the Bible was written, computer geeks would not have been condemned to hell. Besides, this sign looks professionally made, which implies that it was made with a computer. Usually, computer stuff comes from computer geeks. One wonders why he would support such an evil industry. And while I support the guy's right to do this, I have to wonder why it draws such large crowds. It can't just be to mock him, so what is it? Perhaps it's just that more people than are willing to admit actually agree with the guy and would prefer he do it than they.


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