Wednesday, March 16, 2005

I Don't Know if I Should Be Honored or Repulsed

So today I originally planned on getting things accomplished, though I quickly learned that that wasn't going to happen. Shortly after arriving at Cim's to get things accomplished, Forrest decides to go up to the "P" to search for wireless networks with his cantenna. Surprisingly, he found a lot of them. After staying up on the "P" for a bit, Jerry, Forrest, and myself decide to go wardriving. So Forrest mounts his cantenna on his car and we're on our way. We unfortunately run into troubles finding wireless networks, so we head back. In the parking lot, a group of drunk girls are walking down the sidewalk and notice the cantenna attached to Forrest's car and ask us what we were doing. Jerry tells them we were wardriving, then proceeds to explain to them that we were driving around town, looking for wireless networks. One girl in particular is interested in this, saying that her computer connects to other wireless networks all the time. So I ask her "so your computer's a slut, is it?" She gets unhappy with my saying this, calling me an "ugly head" and telling me "I'm going to pee on you." I didn't mean to say that as an insult, but that's the way she took it.

So there's two ways I can look at this comment. I can look at it at as I think it was meant: an insult; or I can look at it as a compliment. After all, some people pay lots of money to get girls to piss on them. I looked at it this way for a few minutes, then remembered that I'm not one of those sexual deviants who gets their jollies off women pissing on them.


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