Sunday, March 13, 2005

"Are You Going to Break Into Cars? That's Robbery!"

That was my mom's response to my telling her that I bought a slim jim (the kind that opens car doors, not the kind you eat) at the electronic flea market. For those who don't know, Tim, Catherine, Forrest, Jerry, and myself went to an electronic flea market up in Sunnyvale. Since we left Friday evening and the flea didn't start until Saturday morning, Tim's family graciously allowed us all to stay at their place. I swear, they have the most picturesque bathroom I've ever seen. I mean, who has a bathroom with hardwood floors? I almost felt bad using it for its intended purpose. Unfortunately the flea started at 5:00 am, the time at which I usually go to bed. For some reason Tim was too weak to wake up at 5:00, so he didn't actually get to see the flea or experience any of the fun.

In addition to the slim jim, I also purchased a device that will display movies stored on a remote computer onto a TV. All in all, I spent $6.50 at the flea. Although I really wanted the Sun Ultra 250 and the police lights (yes, someone had a full light bar from a police car), I couldn't afford either. That and I'd get arrested within 5 minutes of putting the light bar on my truck. Then there was the mounted lobster which 3 of us used spare change to buy for Catherine's car. It really has to be seen to be believed. I expect pictures of it will be available soon.

After the flea, Forrest and I headed over to Santa Cruz to say hi to people: Forrest to his family and a friend of his and me to Kis. While we were talking with Kis, some tweaker approached us for some reason and started talking with us. I was completely lost during the entire conversation, but she mentioned something about being locked out of her apartment, climbing through a window, children being taken from her, forensic science, and so on. I still don't know what happened. All in all, fun times were had; and it was a welcome break from working on 435.


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