Sunday, February 13, 2005

From the "Never Saw That Coming" Department

So here I am, dicking around in my room, contemplating whether or not I want to work on 435 yet, when suddenly Roomate Dan moseys into my room, asking me if I went to another party last night. A bit of an odd question, but understandable considering I had just ditched a Bible study to attend a party on Friday. So I told him about some of the antics that took place last night. He then shows me a catalog and a picture of an electronic mixed drink recipe guide/breathalyzer and asks me if I knew anyone interested in that sort of thing. I inquire as to why he wants to know, and he kind of dodges the question. I figure maybe he's looking at it as a gift for someone--possibly me since he just dodged my fairly innocuous question. I finally get him to answer that he's now an Avon salesman as of yesterday. And not only is he trying to sell me this thing, he's trying to get me to sell them for him. I was pretty shocked that he'd be willing to sell Avon products and think that there'd be a huge demand for them in the college student demographic of which he's a part. I'd also like to know how he plans on selling this stuff and making money off it when he spends all his time playing WoW and watching anime.


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